About the department

The Department of Fuel and Energy Technologies Engineering was established at Shatt al-Arab University College in the academic year 2023-2024. The Department of Fuel and Energy Technology Engineering provides many different industrial and scientific sectors with engineering and scientific competencies from its graduates that contribute effectively to pushing the wheel of development forward to serve society.


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The department should be distinguished and pioneering in the field of engineering various fuel and energy technologies to support the labor market with technical engineers capable of keeping pace with the accelerating technology in the field of fuel and energy.


The message

The department adopts a general message based in its general form on the framework of technical education in Iraq, which it seeks to achieve every year to highlight the distinction of the department. The general goals are focused on graduating medical technical engineering cadres with a level of education and training who are able to work in the health sectors, accommodate humanitarian needs, and keep pace with technical developments, and include: The message is as follows:
Using modern medical device technologies in education and training.
Activating the relationship with the private sector in the areas of using medical devices in analysis, diagnosis and treatment.
Follow up on theoretical and teaching plans curricula through updating laboratories



The department aims to graduate engineers with the ability to:
1. Dealing with fuel and energy technologies in all their forms, in terms of fuel production, transportation, distribution, and use to generate energy.
2. Contributing to the preparation of engineering designs for equipment and devices used in the production of alternative fuels and energy.
3. Maintenance of equipment and devices used in the production and storage of fuel and energy.
4. Operating and controlling machines and equipment for generating energy from various sources.
5. Conduct research and development studies related to the production, management and storage of fuel and energy.
6. Finding the appropriate types of fuel and choosing accurate and correct technological methods to determine the required specifications.